Hydraulic OT Table ( C-Arm Compatiable) (ME-800H)

Hydraulic OT Table ( C-Arm Compatiable) (ME-800H)


  • The Operation Table is designed to provide facilities for movements and positioning proper to general surgical procedures
  • The Operation Table is designed to support heavy patient loads of 225 KG or more.
  • The Operation Table consists of Head, Back, Pelvic and split Leg sections with manually Controlled drives for all adjustments of height, Trendelenburg lateral till back section, pelvic section and floor lock
  • Tabletop frame, column cover and side-rails is made of stainless steel.
  • Table base cover is made of rust proof, acid-resistant impact- resistant material. All movements to be controlled by the foot pedals.
  • Detachable leg section with two parts tilt down with 90 degree approx split apart 180 degree C-Arm compatible tabletop is radio translucent; fitted with full-length cassette tunnel from head to pelvic section for X-Ray photographic and provided
    with anti-static, antibacterial, soft slow recovery mattresses at least 6cm in thickness.
  • The Operation Table is mounted on strong castors to facilitate relocation of the table.
  • Table length is 205 cm
  • Table width is 52 cm
Sectional table- board dimension:

  • Head plate-280 x 380mm
  • Back plate-280 x 480mm
  • Waist plate-150 x 480mm
  • Chair plate-450 x 480mm
  • Foot plate-650 x 480mm


  • Leg holders (pair)-01
  • Anesthesia Screen-01
  • Lateral brace (pair)- 01
  • Shoulder Support (Pair) – 01
  • Arm Board (Pair)-01
  • Restraint Strap-01
  • Radial Setting Clamp-03
  • Flat Bar Clamp-04
  • Knee Crutch-2 sets
  • Body rest-2 pcs
  • Bed body-01 set

Technical Specifications

Height: 800 to 1150mm
Length 1900mm, Width: 480mm
Lifting Stroke 250mm
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg 30 degree
Lateral tile 20 degree/20 degree
Head plates up/down 60 degree/90 degree
Back Plates Up/down 80degree /50 degree
Leg plates up/down 20 degree /90 degree
Leg Plates open: 0 degree -180 degree
Kidney Elevator (Up) 12cm