Medical Air Compressor

Medical Air Compressor

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Owing to our experience of this domain, we provide the finest quality of air compressor ideal air source for various kinds of ventilators, the air compressor is equipped with pressure switch with indicator & buzzer. Used for delivery of clean & dry compressed air in the ventilators, the air compressor is known for dehydration design.


  • Multi-level filtration
  • Adopting highly efficient oil-free compressor core
  • For safety, the compressor is equipped with audio and visual alarm

Stand For Ventilator

Special Features

  •  Multi-level filtration
  •    Easy movement
  •    Compact design
  •    With ventilator stand trolley
  •    To Control the Sound and Vibration advance technology of double insulation.
  •    Inbuilt Thomas motor
  •    With addition Fan Cooling.
  •    Pressure can be adjusted (High/Low) with Regulator.
  •    High Capacity Air Storage Cylinders.
  •    4 castor wheels (2 Lockable wheels)
  •    Adopting highly efficient oil-free compressor core.
  •    For safety, the compressor is equipped with audio and visual alarm.

Technical Specifications

Voltage And Frequency 220 VAC+/-50/60 Hz
Compressor Efficiency 120 I.min- 1/3, 5 bar
Air tent capacity 2 Lit.
Peak flow at Pressure 3 Bar 200 1. min-1/3 bar
Filtration of air 5 μm
Motor Thomas
Dew point depression at 40 Lit. min-1,20⁰ C5°C under the ambient temperature
Outlet connection Diss1160-A(3/4″-16 NUF)
Mode of the operation Continuous
Automatic back-up to central pipeline On request
Noise Level ≤ 49 dB [A]